Lip Filler

Whether it’s to enhance natural shape or restore plumpness lost through ageing, lip filler treatments have become one of the most sought-after aesthetic treatments.

Treatment Time


Pain Level 



30 minutes

numbing cream


48-72 hours

6-18 months

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Preparation For Laser Hair Removal

01. Initial Consultation:

When you visit Lips By Andreea for hair laser removal, the initial consultation is a pivotal step. This session delves into your hair removal goals, discussing target areas and addressing any concerns you may have

02. Medical Review:

Ensures your suitability for the hair laser removal treatment. Whether you’re interested in facial or body hair removal, your medical history is thoroughly examined by our experts.

03. Facial Assessment:

Conducted to plan the treatment areas accurately. This is crucial for procedures such as facial hair removal, ensuring precision and effective results.

04. Skin Preparation:

Before the hair laser removal procedure, it’s essential to prepare your skin by cleansing to eliminate any makeup or impurities. This step is particularly vital for treatments targeting specific facial or body areas, ensuring optimal contouring and efficacy.

The Procedure

01. Will Laser Hair Removal be painful?
No, although you may feel a warm sensation as the laser is applied to your skin. To ensure minimal discomfort, we may use cooling devices or gels during the procedure.

02. How soon will I see results?
Results vary, but you may notice a reduction in hair growth after several sessions. Complete elimination is not guaranteed, but most clients experience significant hair reduction.

03. Is there any post-treatment redness or discomfort?
It’s normal to experience minor redness after the laser hair removal session, typically subsiding within 48 hours. Discomfort is minimal, and any sensations of warmth during the procedure are normal.

04. How many sessions are needed for optimal results?
For optimal efficacy, a series of 6 to 8 sessions is recommended. Body treatments are scheduled every 6 weeks, while facial treatments occur every 4 weeks. The interval between sessions may extend as hair regrowth decelerates.


01. Can I apply makeup immediately after laser hair removal?
Wait 24 hours before applying makeup to allow the skin to recover.

02. How to reduce redness and discomfort post-laser hair removal?
Apply a soothing gel or cold compress in the first 24 hours, avoiding hot showers and sun exposure.

03. Can I shave between laser hair removal sessions?
Avoid shaving or using hair removal creams between sessions to prevent interference with the laser’s effectiveness.

04. Is hair regrowth between sessions normal?
Some regrowth is normal, but it should be finer and lighter. Avoid plucking or waxing.

05. When can I expose treated areas to the sun post-laser hair removal?
Wait at least two weeks before exposing treated areas to direct sunlight, using sunscreen for protection.

06. What to do for adverse reactions post-laser hair removal?
Contact your practitioner for guidance and avoid self-treatment for any skin changes or reactions.

07. Products or activities to avoid post-laser hair removal for optimal results?
Avoid harsh exfoliants, retinol products, and hot tubs for a few days, following specific aftercare instructions provided by your practitioner.

✔ Long-lasting results ✔ Boost confidence
✔ Precision ✔ Reduced ingrown hairs
✔ Discomfort reduced ✔ Cost-effective in the long run
✔ Revive skin follicles ✔ Improvement in skin appearance



More Informatio – Laser Hair Removal – Step-By-Step

01. Initial Consultation

Upon your visit to Lips By Andreea for laser hair removal, conveniently situated for those seeking this service, a comprehensive consultation initiates your experience. Our skilled practitioners evaluate your hair removal goals and recommend a personalized laser hair removal plan.

02. Treatment Customisation

Following the consultation, we customize the laser hair removal to suit your specific needs. This includes determining the treatment areas, adjusting laser settings, and tailoring the procedure based on your unique requirements.

03. Skin Preparation

Your skin is meticulously cleansed to remove any substances that may interfere with the laser treatment. This crucial step minimizes the risk of infection during the laser hair removal procedure.

04. Anaesthesia

For enhanced comfort, a cooling gel or numbing cream may be applied to the treatment areas before the laser application. This ensures a more comfortable experience during the laser hair removal process.

05. Laser Application

The laser is precisely applied to the predetermined treatment areas using advanced technology. Our practitioners use precise techniques to ensure even coverage, facilitating effective and lasting results.

06. Immediate Assessment

Post-laser treatment, an immediate assessment allows you to observe initial results. Our practitioners may make minor adjustments if necessary, ensuring your satisfaction with the outcomes.

07. Post-Treatment Care

Specific aftercare instructions are provided after the laser hair removal session. Most individuals can resume regular activities immediately, making it a convenient option for those with busy lifestyles.

08. Follow-Up

A follow-up appointment is typically scheduled to assess the effectiveness and longevity of the laser hair removal treatment. This ensures that the results align with your expectations and provides an opportunity for any necessary adjustments.

By adhering meticulously to each of these steps, Lips By Andreea ensures that every laser hair removal procedure reflects our commitment to aesthetic and medical excellence.